BGCS at the 2017 Black History and Culture Showcase

BGCS Exhibit
Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’:
The Forgotten Children
2017 Black History & Culture Showcase Pennsylvania Convention Center
04/15 – 16/2017

As one sweet elderly woman said, “Ya’ll sure was some pretty babies! I would have adopted one of ya’ll.” Again, our exhibit, German “Brown Babies” The Forgotten Children, made an impression and had an emotional impact on so many visitors to our exhibit. Everyone was so appreciative of the information. Of course, we had our dedicated followers who said they always feel compelled to see our display over and over again, but many people were seeing it for the first time. They had never heard of or even considered that there were mixed-race, post WWll, German-born occupation children of African-American descent.
We are here. We are survivors.


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