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Wedding day for African-American soldier and German bride, holding their (Afro-German) child.

ARTICLES written about Afro-German/ German Brown Babies

Black Soldiers in Germany: An Unexpected Freedom by Peter H. Koepf

Documentary ‘Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story by Maria Adebola

German ‘Brown Babies’ in Search of their Roots featuring Henriette Cain and Daniel Caldwell

Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: Interview with Our Souls director, Volker-Meyer Dabisch

Volker Meyer-Dabisch
director Volker Meyer-Dabisch
director Volker Meyer-Dabisch

RESEARCH about Afro-Germans/ German Brown Babies

Black Occupation Children by Heidi Fehrenbach

Reflections on the “Brown Babies” in Germany: the Black Press and the NAACP by Yara-Colette Lemke Muniz de Faria

The Private/Plural Selves of Afro-German Women and the Search for a Public Voice by Carolyn Hodges

We Were Dancing in the Club, Not on the Berlin Wall: Black Bodies, Street Bureaucrats, and Exclusionary Incorporation into the New Europe by Damani James Patridge

Afro-German/ German Brown Baby’s PERSONAL STORIES

A Brown Baby’s Journey by Frank Walters

A Little Brown Baby: An Afro-German Adoptee’s Story by Shirley Gindler-Price (Shirley Daniela Gindler)

Experience of Afro-descendents in Europe: Helsenki Commission Hearing by Mr. Boris Kodjoe, actor, activist and along with his wife, Nicole Parker Ari, founder of Sophia’s Voice Foundation.

I’m a Part of History Many Want to Forget   by Rudi Richardson (Udo Ackermann)

My Soul has Found its Home by Shirley Gindler-Price

Patricia Finds Her Father:  VIDEO (German Language): Patrizia is looking for her African American biological father, whom she has never met. Sandra Eckardt, host of German Program, ‘Missing’ goes after a hot trail in Chicago. Patricia’s father was a paratrooper stationed in Germany where he met Pat’s mother and they fell in love. He returned to America never knowing he had left a daughter behind.



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