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BGCS™ Proclamation of Honor and Acknowledgment from The Council of the City of Philadelphia


2017 BGCS Events

04/15-16/2017: Black History and Culture Showcase. Pennsylvania Convention Center: BGCS Display: Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: The Forgotten Children.
As one sweet elderly woman said, “Ya’ll sure was some pretty babies! I would have adopted one of ya’ll.” Again, our exhibit, German “Brown Babies” The Forgotten Children, made an impression and had an emotional impact on so many visitors to our exhibit. Everyone was so appreciative of the information. Of course, we had our dedicated followers who said they always feel compelled to see our display over and over again, but many people were seeing it for the first time. They had never heard of or even considered that there were mixed-race, post WWll, German-born occupation children of African-American descent. We are here. We are survivors.

2016 BGCS Events

11-05-2016: The German Society of PA, 252nd Stiftungsfest Gala Dinner.
It was an honor to be the invited guest of Philadelphia Councilman At-Large Al Taubenberger. 252nd Stiftungsfest Gala Dinner: The German Society’s Stiftungsfest, or Founder’s Ball, is celebrated every November as a commemoration of the Society’s founding in 1764.

The evening, a black tie gala, began with a champagne reception in the library, followed by a catered dinner and dancing in the auditorium. One of the highlights of the event was the Silent Auction, and featured items such as vacation home stays, children’s lederhosen, sporting event tickets, museum passes, and restaurant gift cards.

german-society-680uwChampagne Reception in The Horner Library and Reading Room. The Joseph P. Horner Memorial Library is a research library, housed in an original 1888 reading room restored by the Society in the 1990s. The library houses more than 50,000 volumes, over three-quarters of which are in German, and is one of the largest collections of German books in the United States. The library also maintains a small collection of newer books that that may be borrowed by members of the Society.


It was an honor to be the invited guest of Councilman At-Large Al Taubenberger. Here with his wife Joanne, and Founding President of the Black German Cultural Society Shirley Gindler-Price and husband Vernon Price.
Councilman-At-Large Al Taubenberger Speaking. President of The German Society of PA Tony Michels, seated.


President of BGCS Shirley Gindler-Price. President of The German Society of PA, Mr. Tony Michels and wife.


Unknown to the greater public, German settlers lead by Francis Daniel Pastorius (who was, like Michels, from Krefeld) are credited with the first recorded protest against slavery, as early as 1683, insisting it was incompatible with Christianity.


Founding President of the Black German Cultural Society Shirley Gindler-Price.



03-26/27, 2016, The Black German Cultural Society™ at the Black History & Culture Showcase, Pennsylvania Convention Center. We had a magnificent time educating the public about the first generation, binational, Post WWII US Occupation Afro-German children born in Germany. It was very gratifying to see so much interest in our experiences and history. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, and Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!

2015 BGCS Events


First Annual Black German Cultural Society Awards Banquet 2015.
Theme: “Honoring Our Own ~ Honoring Each Other”


“We’ve struggled through childhoods filled with confusion, fear, anger, and feelings of inferior self-esteem. Navigated adolescence in extreme conformity to perceived structures of authority in order to redeem our existence, or in defiance to them in utter rebellion. Adulthood was either accomplished successfully by integrating the powerful nuances of our diversified selves, or postponed until safety could be found in the distanced wisdom of experience. Some of us didn’t make it. Some of us are just now coming of age.”~ Rebekka White, Black German.

With hearts filled with joy, compassion and understanding, German-born, Post WWII, US Occupation Babies, stand shoulder to shoulder in recognition and honor. This, in of itself, would have been enough. However, the evening was this, and so much more. Peace and Blessings and Healing. See more of our wonderful photographs here!


Janet, 2nd generation German-born, US occupation Afro-German:  “It feels good to be with my own, and so many of us sharing experiences so unique to my group, so unimaginable to many others… feels so good to be here, to be understood without having to say a word ….feels good to be at home and I’m at home where my people are. It was touching to see the.meanwhile well known documentary film “Brown babies in Germany” , the stories of a lot of our first post ww2 afro Germans. I’m happy to see my son following the program with so much interest. I’m grateful that he learns more about who we are as an ethnic group, and what that means to us, and that he catches a good deal of black history lesson that you don’t usually hear about. What a amazing evening.”


Please note: This event was filled to capacity! A grateful and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported this effort. We appreciate you!

2014 BGCS Events

05/10/2014: Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia PA

Lutheran Flyer 051014BGCS Presentation and Display: Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: The Forgotten Children & Film Screening: Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story. A wonderful event, ending with a standing ovation! Thanks to all for taking the time out of your busy schedules and for braving the thunderstorms to learn about the little known History of post WWII Afro-German Occupation Babies. Thanks to the Lutheran Theological Seminary for their support and for the use of their Chapel for the BGCS presentation. Last but never least, THANKS TO THE BGCS TEAM; THE BEST TEAM EVER.


(Right Photo) From Right to Left: Wolfgang Foster, Shirley Gindler-Price President of BGCS, and Rudy Ellis, all three are post WWII Afro-German occupation babies (so-called German ‘Brown Babies’) with Rudy’s family. It was a family affair! Additional photos HERE.

Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story: A Regina Griffen Film, reveals a little known chapter of Black history! The film documents an era during post WWII Germany when African American soldiers fathered children with German women. The children became known as ’brown babies’ and/ or Mischlingskinder. These biracial, bicultural, mostly illegitimate babies were often unwanted and placed in orphanages, foster care, or adopted. A must-see film that is not just African American history, it is not just American history, it is world history. Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story is a film that poignantly chronicles the lives of six ‘brown babies’ born in postwar occupation Germany. Watch the Trailer!

04/19 – 20/2014: Black History and Culture Showcase, Pennsylvania Convention Center, BGCS Display: Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: The Forgotten Children. The Black German Cultural Society’s display was so popular last year we were given additional space! This year was no different! People were enthralled by the little known history of Afro-German children born to African American soldiers and German women during the post WWII US occupation era of Germany:

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Top left photograph: The Hopkins family! Afro-German sisters (Straw Hat and Red headwrap). Bottom Photos: Founding President Shirley Gindler-Price, educating the public about post WWII Afro-German occupation children who were the off-spring of German women and African American soldiers stationed in Germany. Additional photos HERE.

The Black History and Culture Showcase (BHACS) features a diverse mix of compelling, informative, inspirational, exhibits and activities that encourage interactive engagement. This includes private exhibits that have never been shown in museums, living legend history makers, documentary films, historical reenactments, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, visual artists and crafters, poetry readings, theatrical performances and historical musical concerts. The BHACS provides an authentic, emotional and connective experience like no other.


03/29/2014: Historical Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown, PA: BGCS Presentation & Display: Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: The Forgotten Children and Film Screening: Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story:

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02/22/2014: The Cliveden House, Philadelphia PA: BGCS Presentation & Display: Germany’s ‘Brown Babies’: The Forgotten Children and Film Screening: Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story:


Left Photo: Wolfgang Foster, Shirley Gindler-Price President of BGCS, Rudy Ellis, Daniel Cardwell, all four are post WWII Afro-German occupation babies (so-called German ‘Brown Babies’). Wolfgang, stunned to discover there were others who shared his history stated, “You all have closed a hole in my heart.” Additional photos HERE.

  2013 BGCS Events

12/15/2013: Exhibit: Germany’s Brown Babies: The Forgotten Children, Jazz Vespers, Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, PA:

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06/16/2013: Film Screening: Brown Babies featuring Henriette Cain, Peggy Blow, and Daniel Cardwell: San Francisco Black Film Festival, San Francisco, CA. Additional information HERE.

film-festivalGerman Brown Babies, Dir. Michaela Kirst


03/29 – 31/2013: First Annual BGCS Exhibit: Post WWII Afro-German Occupation Children, Black History and Culture Showcase, Pennsylvania Convention Center: See additional photos HERE.

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03/2013: Proclamation of Honour & Acknowledgment from The Council of the City of Philadelphia:

bgcscitationbest01/18/2013: BlogTalkRadio Interview: Brown Babies, Germany’s Forgotten Children – Interview featuring Henriette Cain, with Peggy Blow, Nancy Schneider and Shirley Gindler-Price:


Listen HERE.


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